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  1. I have a deep love for goal setting, too! I actually have a very similar post with categories. I love the “wheel”!

  2. Really nice. We studied this in our B-school and we practiced it in our corporate career. You have done a great job blogging about it. Nicely written.

    1. Thank you?. I know it’s a good way to set goals. Now you got me thinking….It should be introduced to children too. Start off young with good skills.

    1. Yes. Many people have goals but don’t know where to start. Glad to help out.

  3. SMART goals are my favourite kind of goals. I need to set some myself. Maybe tonight when I log off, I’ll think of some. thanks for the great tips and reminders.

    1. I love SMART goals since it really puts goals into perspective. Glad found it useful and feel free to share your goals.

  4. A goal really needs hard work to achieve it. A goal without hard work is just called a wish. Thanks for sharing a detailed strategy on how to realize one’s goal in life

    1. Glad I can help! Wishes are great but detailed goals are better. 😉

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