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  1. I have a deep love for goal setting, too! I actually have a very similar post with categories. I love the “wheel”!

  2. Meghna Dixit says:

    Really nice. We studied this in our B-school and we practiced it in our corporate career. You have done a great job blogging about it. Nicely written.

    1. Thank you?. I know it’s a good way to set goals. Now you got me thinking….It should be introduced to children too. Start off young with good skills.

  3. This is such a great and helpful post for those looking to set goals but don’t know where to start.

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

    1. Yes. Many people have goals but don’t know where to start. Glad to help out.

  4. SMART goals are my favourite kind of goals. I need to set some myself. Maybe tonight when I log off, I’ll think of some. thanks for the great tips and reminders.

    1. I love SMART goals since it really puts goals into perspective. Glad found it useful and feel free to share your goals.

  5. A goal really needs hard work to achieve it. A goal without hard work is just called a wish. Thanks for sharing a detailed strategy on how to realize one’s goal in life

    1. Glad I can help! Wishes are great but detailed goals are better. ;-)

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